About Us

About us

Faculty from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden formed FCD in 2017 to bring together scientists and healthcare professionals to deliver the ‘right training to the right participants at the right time’. Our mission is to transfer the skills and experience of leading professionals in the health sciences to a new generation of scientists and healthcare workers.

FCD have trained participants from over 50 countries and 62 research organisations in collaboration with the Global Health Clinical Consortium, including product development partners such as IAVI, MMV, IDRI, DNDi, FIND, PATH, TB Alliance, IVI as well as TDR-WHO, The Global Health Network at Oxford University, and CRO’s including IQVIA, DFNET Research, FHI Clinical, Emmes and TCD-Global. We also work with the Institute for Global Health at the University of Siena, the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, Strathmore University, Kenya and CDT-Africa at Addis Ababa University to deliver state of the art programs where the burden of disease is greatest and the available resources are spread to thin.