Faculty at Karolinska Institutet, the university that awards the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine, along with scientists from other leading institutions formed FCD in September 2016. We bring scientists and health professionals together to establish sustainable capacity programs in Low and Middle-Income Countries. We enable health professionals deliver the ‘right interventions to the right population at the right time’. Our mission is to support scientific research, improve public health and save lives. We are building long-term partnerships with course participants and their organizations, working together to increase scientific, management and leadership skills where they are most needed.

A global capacity building program is needed to deal with the complexity of managing public health and developing new medicines in an era when diseases rapidly cross borders and the skills for implementing clinical research and the analysis of data are scarce, the numbers of scientists and doctors available are inadequate, disease surveillance is weak and available laboratory expertise is poor.

Our core competencies are:

  1. Teaching, Learning and Assessment methods that optimize the potential of online and blended courses
  2. Designing, Developing and Delivering 'HiOPS' High Impact Online Programs
  3. Mentoring, helping learners achieve their maximum potential
  4. Designing and Managing Learning Content Management Systems
  5. Knowledge and Technology Transfer to partners in low and middle-income countries.